If you have a question which is not answered below, please contact us at qruqsp.org/contact

Why is a callsign required?

Currently we are only accepting orders from licensed Amateur Radio operators and we're not ready to support others. That's because our closed beta is focused on meeting a few basic needs of volunteers in the Amateur Radio Service and we need participants to have abilities gained through study and experience. The SD card image is configured with only the most stable software features enabled by default. We're hoping that you will follow the tutorials, use the software, and provide us feedback about your experience. We would also appreciate it if you subscribe to groups.io/g/qruqsp and help others with answers, tips and advice. Thanks for your understanding.

How much is shipping?

United States: $14.35
International orders: $24 - $80, depending on size of order.

How does pre-order work?

We offer pre-order of kits and parts that are not yet ready for shipping. If you purchase a bundle with a subscription, the subscription portion will be billed immediately. All pre-orders will be billed when the shipment is ready. If there are any problems at that time, your shipment will be held until the payment clears.

Are there bulk discounts?

If you are purchasing 10 or more kits, please contact us for a quote at qruqsp.org/contact