We are offering the QRUQSP Communications System (CS-101) for sale in various kits depending on your needs. For more information about what is included in each kit, please visit

CS-101 Basic Kit

Comes with circuit board and all components, you provide your own Raspberry Pi, RTL-SDR, cables and case.

Starting at $80

CS-101 Tinker Kit

Everything in the Basic Kit along with all the cables you require to set it up in a case. You provide Raspberry Pi, RTL-SDR and case.

Starting at $130

CS-101 Builders Kit

Everthing in the Tinker kit and a custom case. You provide the Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR.

Starting at $190

CS-101 Full Kit - Coming Soon

We are working on putting together a kit that includes a Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR until then, we recommend you purchase the Builders Kit and order a Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR from Amazon or another retailer of your preference.